About ESIMedia

Our Company
ESI Media was founded in 2002 after recognizing the ongoing changes, demands and unique challenges facing the media sales industry today.  Recognizing the ever changing sales landscape, our mission is to deliver ongoing media sales solutions using leading edge technology.  With over 30 years combined experience in media sales and software development, ESI Media strives to help media sales organizations become more efficient, productive and profitable.


Our Product
Adcore is ESI Media's signature media workflow solution designed exclusively to face the ongoing challenges of the media sales industry.  It streamlines the sales process using state-of-the-art automation technology allowing sales organizations to spend more time managing their “Core” business needs, and less time on cumbersome administrative tasks. Adcore’s unique design is comprised of four distinct components, Portfolio, Reports, Knowledge Base and Media, each representing an important part of the media sales business. Adcore provides sales organizations with the resources, technology and experience to be successful in today's ever changing business climate.


Our Services
ESI Media recognizes that highly motivated, educated sales professionals are a key component to the success of any sales organization.  In addition to Adcore, ESI Media also offers customized sales training programs, for novice or seasoned sales professionals, consulting services and turnkey solutions combining software, hardware and training.

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