People at ESIMedia

Arthur Heller
Arthur is the founder and President of ESI Media.  Arthur is a 14-year television advertising sales veteran with 10 years in direct sales and 4 years in sales management. Arthur has worked with several media sales organizations in different capacities including AT&T Media Services, MediaOne, and most recently Cablevision Advertising Sales. Arthur’s extensive media sales background was essential in establishing the framework for ESI Media.


Richard Stickles
IT Consultant
Richard is a long time technical consultant for ESI Media.  Richard has been designing and developing custom software business solutions for 25 years and has worked with companies such as KPMG, Gillette, Millipore and the Risk Management Foundation of the Harvard Medical Institutions. Richard’s in-depth knowledge of the software industry and extensive experience designing and implementing custom software solutions is the foundation upon which Adcore is built.


Partnership Goals
Using the combination of business knowledge and technical expertise, Richard and Arthur hope to create lasting partnerships with other industry leaders and have ESI Media known as the premiere company for providing the media sales industry with quality and innovative sales automation technology, products and services.

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