The Need for Automation

Time is a commodity that needs to be managed effectively and efficiently in order maximize productivity. As the process of doing business gets more complex and cumbersome, technology and automation become vital resources for the success and continued growth of a sales organization.

Technology & Automation
Through the strategic use of technology and automation, a sales organization can increase the productivity and efficiency of its sales force by alleviating them from the repetitive and mundane administrative tasks associated with doing business.


ESI Media's Solution
Recognizing the need for sales organizations to manage their time more effectively and efficiently, thus allowing their sales force to be more productive and focused on the core business objectives, ESI Media created Adcore.  Adcore is an account management workflow system designed specifically for the media sales industry.  Using Adcore, the repetitive and mundane administrative tasks associated with doing business can be performed in a fraction of the time, allowing the sales force to spend the majority of its time selling.  Adcore's powerful account management system assists the sales person in every step of the sales cycle by recording, tracking and organizing all information (proposals, contracts, appointments, emails, etc.) associated with media sales.  In addition to its account management features, Adcore provides a number of time management and workflow features designed to keep the sales force operating smoothly and efficiently with maximum productivity.  (See Adcore for more details).

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