Adcore - General Features

Adcore - General Features

  Data integrity: Data integrity is achieved with a combination of built-in, industry standard based business rules and a series or checks and balances.
  Customization: Adcore can be customized based on features of your DMA and sales office and your personal preferences.
  User Interface: Adcore was developed using the Microsoft Windows graphical user interface standards so it will look and feel like many of your favorite Windows based applications.
  Broadcast Calendar: Adcore comes with a built-in broadcast calendar for date selection.
  Planner: Use the Planner to manage your time by scheduling your events, appointments and ToDo lists.  The Planner is tightly integrated with Portfolio and automatically tracks proposals and contracts and alerts you about pending proposals or contract closings.
  System Profile: Use the System Profile to define how your sales office does business.  With it you can define and customize your DMA properties, networks, day parts and rate cards.
  Company Profile: Use the Company Profile to enter information about your company.
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